Gossip Girls

Girl, sometimes you are too hard to understand.

You criticize famous stars doing plastic surgery but cannot control yourself of doing the same thing.

You and your friend gossip other girls over and over and even you know it is not right, you still cannot stop.

You chase fashion sometimes even you know it does not really fit you.

Sometimes you are so paying attention to other girls’ details so you can gossip, but sometimes you are also so blind that as long as everyone else is doing then you will follow blindly.

Female ask for feminists, but people who most purposely make difficulties for women are actually women.

Girls start friendship with hating the same girl, but ends it by falling love with the same boy.

Every girl is judging and being judged. You have to care about how your face look like and how your body look like. If you do not cater to other girls sense, you become the hot topic of their gossip.

Nobody wants to become a hot topic of a gossip, but the thing is why you should care so much? You can never make everyone like you. So why not just #BeYourself ?

2 thoughts on “Gossip Girls

  1. Yes i think girls should focus on themselves .. instead of other’s beauty… If you have time, you really should use it on your body, Jennifer Lawrence’s body is not gonna to change by just what you gossiping ~~~~~~


  2. yeah, I always saw a lot of girls post their luxury life on Instagram and to b other social media platforms. I think girls wanna be very popular and famous in their social circle.
    Now, a lot of girls used the money on Botox, hair extensions, plastic surgery and other personal expenses.

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