Enjoy the life as it be


Last few weeks, I had a talk with my roommate. We are very good friends and actually we always talk the whole night. There are nothing important but when we start to talk, we just cannot stop. Everything on the earth is in our talk. From small things like today’s weather is great to globally how different countries can work together very well. However, the most thing we talk is always how hard the girl can make her life be.

Girls have to care so many things, and we have somehow sum up those things, such as:

Face. Every girl wants to become beautiful, some girls even choose ultra way to become beautiful.

Weight. Every girl wants to become skinny.

Body Lines. But, needs some fat in the right part, such as breast.

Personality. ‘Be a good girl you always have to be.’ come on, just let it go.

Relationship. I love him but I don’t know what type of girls he likes. I need to change to the way he likes.

Intelligence. I heard that female PHD is hard to get married, is that true?

I am a fat girl and do not really have a nice face. I have low voice and sometimes people think I am too shy. I have lots of weaknesses but at least one good thing of me is that I love the way I am right now. My friend always tells me to have makeups for a relationship. But why? I need to wake up 30 minutes earlier to make up and wearing makeups can hurt my nature skin, and I have to remove them clearly before bed. I do those complex things just for a boy who will leave me in the end. My life is just too short to do all those boring things. If I am just myself, I live the way I like, there will definitely somebody stands out say that I am the special one. I know I am just too romantic with unrealistic fantasy in mind.  But at least I am relaxed and no pressure.

Sometimes girls are just afraid of hearing bad comments from other people. The thing is, there is nothing to be afraid of. They can’t kill you with their comments. You can’t become the girl of everyone else’s favor but not yours. It is your life and you own it.

Now Listen to your heart, did you hear some voices singing:

Let it go, let it go. Turn my back and slam the door!

Do you now feel that you start to enjoy your life?

4 thoughts on “Enjoy the life as it be

  1. You say it girl! We are bombarded with images and ideas about what beauty is supposed to look like…well, I think it comes in many shapes and sizes, and is defined by the inner most of all. At the end of the day, if you can’t love yourself, how are you supposed to love somebody else? Great blog.


  2. No pain, No gain. if you are not satisfiled your life, you should pay more to change it. Some might reach far and others not so far, yet, everyone can make some progress that will transform their life. If we don’t want to pay sth, just Enjoy!!


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