Girls be yourself

‘Who says you are not perfect?’

When you are upset, maybe try some music like this one.

Nobody can say you are not beautiful. The one who says that is the ugliest one ever. So don’t care about how you look. As long as you love and respect yourself, you will be the perfect and special girl.

Perfect does not mean you have no any weakness or disadvantages, perfect means you have disadvantages but you accept them as being part of you and are not afraid of letting others know.

Fat? Ugly? Do they really matter in your life?

People who love you will accept all of you and people who hate will always hate you even if you are perfect as a princess.

So why not just be yourself.

Be what you like to be, do what you like to do.

You are a girl, the most lovely living beings in the world.


4 thoughts on “Girls be yourself

  1. I totally agree with this post!!!
    Why do people criticize women by their appearance thesedays? There is no standard to define ‘ugly’ and ‘beautiful’. Although there’s someone who might looking ugly, she is the most beautiful gift to her parents. It is so bad to criticise women as ‘not perfect’ just because they look fat or ugly.


  2. I think the Because She Campaign would agree with a lot of the sentiment in this post, particularly in regards to the emphasis we place on our looks. Because She ( is particularly wary of the way society depicts beauty and limits it to a defining trait of someone’s appearance. We believe real beauty is defined by character and personality- the things that we can choose for ourselves and more easily shape to the way we want them to be. This is where a woman’s self-worth and confidence should come from, not from their looks.


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