For a permanent skinny and beautiful girl!!!!

I know even if I am saying that it’s not matter to be fat. But I know lots of girls still want to become skinny.

It’s alright to become a skinny girl but you have to choose the right method. There are surely lots of ways for girls to become healthy, beautiful and skinny. I know lots of girls are fat because of food, so if a girl saying that she wants to become skinny, then the first step is to giving up food. But that is not right. Image that you refuse every sweet and high calories food to become skinny and then for the rest of you life, you can’t touch them anymore!!

So my suggestions are:

1. Regulate your three meals.

Eating three meals per day is essential. Breakfast needs to be very nutritive. Try some eggs or cereals with a glass of milk. Skim milk is obviously a better choice. Don’t keep your stomach hungry yet don’t eat too much. The feeling of ‘hmm not hungry but still have space for some extra’ is the right one.

Lunch. Lunch you need lots of proteins for keeping the energy you need for the day. Don’t say that you can’t have meats or oil. Having the just right amount of meats can keep you lively and wise. Meat with some vegetables and some rice or bread is just right for lunch. Those stuff you eat will not turn into useless fat on your body but because you have your whole day body and brain activities, the enough food of lunch can increase your efficiency for working or studying.

Dinner. Have lots of vegetable salads for dinner. It’s okay to eat vegetables as much as you want to for dinner, because the energy consumed for stomach to digest the vegetables is much more than the energy you gain from eating vegetables. Then, have some sour fruits for ending the day, like apples.

2. Do some exercise for extra result.

Dieting itself can help losing weight but it takes long time. If you want to become skinny quicker, you then need to start some exercises. My suggestion is not doing morning jogging but afternoon walking. Because of photosynthesis, all green plants will release carbon dioxide during the night, so usually in the morning the park is full of carbon dioxide. If you don’t have enough oxygen during exercising, you body will not consume any fat at all. However, in the afternoon, like 5 or 6 pm, if you can just have a fast walking for at least 1 hour, your body will definitely consume the fat.

3. Massage after exercise

Sometimes you do have to care about the shape of your body as well. Not just skinny but rather skinny with lovely curve of your body. After exercise, your shank can be too exhausted. So massage both of your leg to relax them and help shaping a nice body.

4. Diet with a positive attitude (!!!The most important one!!!!)

The reason that some people can lose weight and still keep beautiful is that they don’t have pressure while dieting. Dieting is not a task. It’s an experience of finding a new style of yourself. You should enjoy it rather than regarding it as a burden. If you want to become skinny, you have to remember that diet is a whole life career. Roman wasn’t built in one day. You spend nearly 10 or 20 years gaining weight, how come you can lose weight in just few months? So, don’t be afraid of dieting for long period of time. Just image how beautiful you can be after you lose weight in a very healthy way. You succeed when you start to understand what your body needs. You succeed when you start to love every look and moment of you.




She will be fine

Remember the girl I talked about in my first blog? The one who did unhealthy diet and caught very bad illness?

I talked with her last night and asked how she had been for those days.

She said she was getting better now and hopefully could come back to uni next year.

I am so glad to see that she is turning well and finally realizes she should love herself more.

She told me that after the unhealthy diet, she just couldn’t eat even if she told herself she had to eat something. She said when she was fat, she hated to see delicious food because she could finish them all and ask for extra desert. But now, she could vomit just by seeing the delicious food. She said she missed the great feelings and happiness of eating. She told me she had always wanted a skinny body, but when she got a skinny body, she wasn’t happy at all. She even missed her old life, a fat but healthy and happy girl.

I felt very sad for her. I know the feeling is like you once love something, but you don’t treasure it and when you finally lose it, you start to regret.

She now has a skinny body but she loses more than she thought.

I hope through my blogs, every girl who sees this can think more about themselves rather than listening to the bad judges.

Always listen to your friends’ or parents’ suggestion rather than do something blindly on your own. People who love you will always guide you to the right way.

Do you have any stories to share with us?

You don’t have to try

Check out this song here!!

You don’t have to try to become beautiful with heavy makeups.

You don’t have to try to become beautiful by hiding the real of you.

You just need to be yourself and enjoy the life.

I found that there are more and more young women have realized the importance of being themselves.

I hope we as uni students can hold some activities like this as well. For example, organizing a ‘remove-make-up’ activity in the uni campus and ask all girls to join in. Girls remove make ups and smile for a photo see how beautiful she can be even if without anything on face. There will be people telling the facts of how make ups can destroy the skin and let girls know to love and respect themselves.

Share your story

One of my friend has told me her story of her 15.

She was a bit fat at that time and didn’t feel confident about her look. Boys in the same class with her also laughing at her and giving nicknames to her something like fatty, silly bear. She was so worried about herself and thought she was the too fat and should start diet.

She started eating only few, like a cup of milk in the morning, eggs for lunch and nothing for dinner. Sometimes she feel very dizzy but once she thought about those laughs and nicknames, she told herself that she should consist. She was only 15 years old at the time and need lots of energy for school. And one day she fainted in the classroom.

When she woke up, she saw her mother crying beside her bed. Suddenly she thought why she was doing such silly thing. Nothing she could earn from this, but she hurt both herself and her parents instead. She told me that the next few days, her mom made her very nice food and looked at her while she was eating. If she finished all the dishes, her mom would smile happily. At that time, she could just leave all the nicknames behind and knew that nothing really matter in front of a smile of someone you love. She described the happiness that time she felt, is like even you are fat, you are still treated as a treasure to someone.

Lucky her that things stopped before it turned badly. She knows that judgement couldn’t kill her but the tear of someone who really love her could make her feel despair. From that day, she starts to become confident and love herself. She is now very beautiful with just a little plump body. She has a boyfriend who really loves her and is willing to bring her to nice and delicious restaurant.

Lovely story of her and I feel really touched when she told me the scene of her mom smiling at her while eating.

Truly that people who hate you really don’t matter in your life. Even if you hurt yourself to try to make them happy, they still hate. So, love and respect yourself then you will be very charming!



EXACTLY!! People who pick your things are actually low-confident about themselves! Sometimes it’s not you are doing something wrong but other people are not nice and kind. Remember to love and respect yourself, then nothing can beat you.

How to become a beautiful girl

Want to be confident?

Follow the steps!!

Remove your make-ups

Wear the most comfortable clothes

Stand in front of your mirror


Smile again

Ask the mirror

“Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful girl in the world?”

Okay…I am just kidding. I didn’t mean you need to kill the Snow White…

But stand in front of the mirror, you will find the happiest girl in the world.


Because the girl in the mirror knows to be herself.

Having the brave of being yourself means nobody in the world can beat you now.

Be yourself, and maybe,

Your prince is waiting for you now.


Nature is beauty

Everyday tip of being a beautiful girl!


I have always told my friend that she is beautiful even she is fat. But she couldn’t listen to me and started a very unhealthy diet.

I don’t want to see more girls are doing this because you really are not born for suffering from dieting!!!

Everyone is beautiful when you first love yourself.

Self-respect is very important. People like to see confident girl because confidence makes you charming. And you can be confident when you start to accept your natural look and love yourself.

You can die from dieting or plastic surgery. And only people who know your nature will feel sad about this. So girls pleas stoping doing stupid things and really get on to explore your natural beauty!! 

Girls be yourself

‘Who says you are not perfect?’

When you are upset, maybe try some music like this one.

Nobody can say you are not beautiful. The one who says that is the ugliest one ever. So don’t care about how you look. As long as you love and respect yourself, you will be the perfect and special girl.

Perfect does not mean you have no any weakness or disadvantages, perfect means you have disadvantages but you accept them as being part of you and are not afraid of letting others know.

Fat? Ugly? Do they really matter in your life?

People who love you will accept all of you and people who hate will always hate you even if you are perfect as a princess.

So why not just be yourself.

Be what you like to be, do what you like to do.

You are a girl, the most lovely living beings in the world.

Summer is here! Ready for your Bikini body??

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Lunch: Chunky Greek Salad with Chickpeas
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