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One of my friend has told me her story of her 15.

She was a bit fat at that time and didn’t feel confident about her look. Boys in the same class with her also laughing at her and giving nicknames to her something like fatty, silly bear. She was so worried about herself and thought she was the too fat and should start diet.

She started eating only few, like a cup of milk in the morning, eggs for lunch and nothing for dinner. Sometimes she feel very dizzy but once she thought about those laughs and nicknames, she told herself that she should consist. She was only 15 years old at the time and need lots of energy for school. And one day she fainted in the classroom.

When she woke up, she saw her mother crying beside her bed. Suddenly she thought why she was doing such silly thing. Nothing she could earn from this, but she hurt both herself and her parents instead. She told me that the next few days, her mom made her very nice food and looked at her while she was eating. If she finished all the dishes, her mom would smile happily. At that time, she could just leave all the nicknames behind and knew that nothing really matter in front of a smile of someone you love. She described the happiness that time she felt, is like even you are fat, you are still treated as a treasure to someone.

Lucky her that things stopped before it turned badly. She knows that judgement couldn’t kill her but the tear of someone who really love her could make her feel despair. From that day, she starts to become confident and love herself. She is now very beautiful with just a little plump body. She has a boyfriend who really loves her and is willing to bring her to nice and delicious restaurant.

Lovely story of her and I feel really touched when she told me the scene of her mom smiling at her while eating.

Truly that people who hate you really don’t matter in your life. Even if you hurt yourself to try to make them happy, they still hate. So, love and respect yourself then you will be very charming!