She will be fine

Remember the girl I talked about in my first blog? The one who did unhealthy diet and caught very bad illness?

I talked with her last night and asked how she had been for those days.

She said she was getting better now and hopefully could come back to uni next year.

I am so glad to see that she is turning well and finally realizes she should love herself more.

She told me that after the unhealthy diet, she just couldn’t eat even if she told herself she had to eat something. She said when she was fat, she hated to see delicious food because she could finish them all and ask for extra desert. But now, she could vomit just by seeing the delicious food. She said she missed the great feelings and happiness of eating. She told me she had always wanted a skinny body, but when she got a skinny body, she wasn’t happy at all. She even missed her old life, a fat but healthy and happy girl.

I felt very sad for her. I know the feeling is like you once love something, but you don’t treasure it and when you finally lose it, you start to regret.

She now has a skinny body but she loses more than she thought.

I hope through my blogs, every girl who sees this can think more about themselves rather than listening to the bad judges.

Always listen to your friends’ or parents’ suggestion rather than do something blindly on your own. People who love you will always guide you to the right way.

Do you have any stories to share with us?