You don’t have to try

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You don’t have to try to become beautiful with heavy makeups.

You don’t have to try to become beautiful by hiding the real of you.

You just need to be yourself and enjoy the life.

I found that there are more and more young women have realized the importance of being themselves.

I hope we as uni students can hold some activities like this as well. For example, organizing a ‘remove-make-up’ activity in the uni campus and ask all girls to join in. Girls remove make ups and smile for a photo see how beautiful she can be even if without anything on face. There will be people telling the facts of how make ups can destroy the skin and let girls know to love and respect themselves.


Nature is beauty

Everyday tip of being a beautiful girl!


I have always told my friend that she is beautiful even she is fat. But she couldn’t listen to me and started a very unhealthy diet.

I don’t want to see more girls are doing this because you really are not born for suffering from dieting!!!

Everyone is beautiful when you first love yourself.

Self-respect is very important. People like to see confident girl because confidence makes you charming. And you can be confident when you start to accept your natural look and love yourself.

You can die from dieting or plastic surgery. And only people who know your nature will feel sad about this. So girls pleas stoping doing stupid things and really get on to explore your natural beauty!!