Summer time? Dieting time?

Summer now is coming!!!

Raise up your hands if you are about to diet for the coming summer. 

Be afraid of wearing bikini on the beach because of your body?

not looking forward to the summer because of your body?

Come on, you need to become more confident.

You are already very beautiful.

Let’s check out this video and see how beautiful a confident girl can be.

Now feel more confident about yourself?

The coming Saturday is a hot and sunny day. It’s a chance for you to show your charming confidence.

Let’s get ready!


Enjoy the life as it be


Last few weeks, I had a talk with my roommate. We are very good friends and actually we always talk the whole night. There are nothing important but when we start to talk, we just cannot stop. Everything on the earth is in our talk. From small things like today’s weather is great to globally how different countries can work together very well. However, the most thing we talk is always how hard the girl can make her life be.

Girls have to care so many things, and we have somehow sum up those things, such as:

Face. Every girl wants to become beautiful, some girls even choose ultra way to become beautiful.

Weight. Every girl wants to become skinny.

Body Lines. But, needs some fat in the right part, such as breast.

Personality. ‘Be a good girl you always have to be.’ come on, just let it go.

Relationship. I love him but I don’t know what type of girls he likes. I need to change to the way he likes.

Intelligence. I heard that female PHD is hard to get married, is that true?

I am a fat girl and do not really have a nice face. I have low voice and sometimes people think I am too shy. I have lots of weaknesses but at least one good thing of me is that I love the way I am right now. My friend always tells me to have makeups for a relationship. But why? I need to wake up 30 minutes earlier to make up and wearing makeups can hurt my nature skin, and I have to remove them clearly before bed. I do those complex things just for a boy who will leave me in the end. My life is just too short to do all those boring things. If I am just myself, I live the way I like, there will definitely somebody stands out say that I am the special one. I know I am just too romantic with unrealistic fantasy in mind.  But at least I am relaxed and no pressure.

Sometimes girls are just afraid of hearing bad comments from other people. The thing is, there is nothing to be afraid of. They can’t kill you with their comments. You can’t become the girl of everyone else’s favor but not yours. It is your life and you own it.

Now Listen to your heart, did you hear some voices singing:

Let it go, let it go. Turn my back and slam the door!

Do you now feel that you start to enjoy your life?

Gossip Girls

Girl, sometimes you are too hard to understand.

You criticize famous stars doing plastic surgery but cannot control yourself of doing the same thing.

You and your friend gossip other girls over and over and even you know it is not right, you still cannot stop.

You chase fashion sometimes even you know it does not really fit you.

Sometimes you are so paying attention to other girls’ details so you can gossip, but sometimes you are also so blind that as long as everyone else is doing then you will follow blindly.

Female ask for feminists, but people who most purposely make difficulties for women are actually women.

Girls start friendship with hating the same girl, but ends it by falling love with the same boy.

Every girl is judging and being judged. You have to care about how your face look like and how your body look like. If you do not cater to other girls sense, you become the hot topic of their gossip.

Nobody wants to become a hot topic of a gossip, but the thing is why you should care so much? You can never make everyone like you. So why not just #BeYourself ?

Girls, how about being a little bit wiser?

If every girl around you is doing make up, so then will you do make up as well just because you are shamed of being alone?

If every girl around you does a plastic surgery, so then will you follow them as well just because you feel you are naturally ugly?

If every girl around you is on very unhealthy diet, so then will you stop eating as well just because you do not want them laugh at how much you eat?

And, if any girl around you makes herself even worse because of make-ups, plastic surgery or unhealthy diet, so then will you suddenly realize how silly you are just to follow others blindly?

I am not saying make-ups are bad, or plastic surgery should be forbidden, but how about think a best way that suits you instead of blindly following without any independent thoughts? I have always been thinking of why girls have to care about what other people think? Is other people’s comments so important that we have to listen to them? You are not gonna die from being yourself. When we start to care everything, we then open a nightmare mode life for ourselves. There are so many people in the world with millions of standards. You meet the requires of one person then you fail to satisfy others. So why not just relax for a while and live your own style? Confidence always makes you charming and attractive.


Your heart dominates your appearance. When you are free in heart, then you will definitely become beautiful and lovely.

So, girls, nothing you should fear. Just be confident, be wise, and be yourself.

About This Blog

I am creating a campaign that aims to raise girls, or young women’s confidence and help them build independent thoughts therefore they are wise and never let another people control them.

The reason I am starting this campaign is that one thing happened on one of my friends. She was a lovely but a bit fat girl, who was very happy at the beginning. Probably after uni starts, girls around her were all getting a boyfriend but she had not. She became a bit anxious.  And one day she met her sister, who she had not visited for a long time. Her sister was shocked by her body and said why you became so fat. And I can promise that she was  even not that fat. Her sister thought if she were like this then she could never find a boyfriend. Then my poor friend was very sad because her sister’s comments and she started a very unhealthy diet as well as doing  a lot of exercises. We, as friends always told her that she should take it easy and even if she wanted to be skinny then she should take a healthy way and always take care of herself. But she did not care. At that time all she wanted was to be skinny. Yes, after a few months, she made it. She was way too skinny. 165cm but only 80kg with lots of healthy problems. Now she ends up with bad illness and has to stop uni for a while to heal herself. Luckily, she realized this quickly enough so things are not getting worse.

I have heard lots of stories about how girls doing unhealthy diet and ends up with anorexia. But when this thing actually happened on my friend, I first know how bad it can be. My campaign is not about teaching girls about healthy diet. This is just one of the problems now young women are facing with. I understand as a girl, woman, we have lots of things need to take care. Body, face, personality. It seems that female always been judged. Everyday wake up for make up, eating for diet, living for males. It does not matter if you want to become perfect. But how about consider more about the impacts. Always think if you are doing a right thing. If this decision can bring a better life. Does this worth you to do it. Do I lose more to gain. Why am I have to do this.

Girl, you need to be more confident. You need to think independently and girls, be wise.